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Harry Potter All Character Names


Name the words making up all the character names in the Harry Potter books (American version). Nicknames and other ways of addressing the character I have included. I have sorted the words by word count..the table will show starting letter, word count (all books total), and # of letters in the word. The words are those used in the names of characters. Titles and any proper words in the character names are included…so for example “King Bob the Hugequizer the Fourth” would have King, Bob, Hugequizer, and Fourth but not “the” in this quiz. Some names are hyphenated in the book, these are listed as ONE LONG WORD without the hyphens. Plurals I added into the singular total, so Bob’s is part of Bob, etc. Nicknames are include if they are in the books as proper names (capitalized).

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3 months ago

trying again
getting better

4 months ago

no time
just 60

7 months ago

There are some missing: Mrs Figg has another cat named Tibbles. That’s the one, who alerted her after Mundungus disapparated. (And typing this I realised that I forgot Mundungus.) 😀

Also, there are some names of order members on the photo Moody shows Harry.

7 months ago

I wish there was more time until the first bonus after 250 names typed! It’s very frustrating because I know many more but I’m not a speed typer at all! :'(

7 months ago
Reply to  darin

Thank you Darin!!!
It would be amazing!

Last edited 7 months ago by Appalloic
1 year ago

Could you do this for Lord of the Rings?

1 year ago

Who is “Weasley”?

1 year ago
Reply to  madslyn

T-T it’s only the last name of one of Harry’s best friend, the name of his wife, and of the family who took him as their own

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