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  1. Two things I’ve noticed… the city counters are not working properly, i.e. I have a counter that reads Top 100: 125/100. The coloured ones also wrong. UI issues: once playing the +0 counter moves behind the states completed and the white city counters almost overlap the scoreboard. On the plus side, map is pretty smooth to scroll.

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  2. Darin-started at beginner level…ran out of time. Crushed the east coast and midwest, working across the country. There seems to be quite a bit of lag time(more than 10 sec) for the circles to fill in. Just a hint to everybody…’Plainfield’…’Clinton’…’Canton’…’Washington.’ WOW! What a fill-in! Problem is that with these common cities, by the time they do fill in, you are down 5 or 6 minutes! Still enjoyed it, just frustrating.

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  3. Weren’t there used to be a non-huge US coverage quiz? I think it got axed on this new site. I’m all for huge quizzes but this one lags quite a bit midpoint onwards, and even though my scores are ok, it’s a pain entering answers and moving the map around. Because of this my times are always high. It would be great to have a 5k+ US coverage quiz. Exactly the same template but less total cities. Or giving an option at the start: huge version / regular version. Still big enough but much nicer to play for people without new faster processors.

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  4. West of Roseau, Warren is the closest place to Minnesota’s Northwestern corner. It still leaves a tiny bit of land uncovered but there’s nothing there. You should be able to complete Minnesota without that corner so my guess is that you’re missing a small piece of land elsewhere. Use the zoom and scan the state for missing spots. It can be tricky.

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  5. Great quizzes, @darinh! Since I believe you are a Minnesotan too, I feel justified in asking this one; I cannot for the life of me get credit for the state of MN at the intermediate level on the coverage quiz. To my eye, I have complete coverage except for the extreme, extreme NW corner; well north of Thief River Falls, well west of Roseau. Even tried Hallock, county seat of Kittson county up there. Tried every city in Beltrami,Itasca, Koochiching, and Lake of the Woods counties too, just to be sure. (Not that I’m obsessive or anything!) Since I’m sure you have nothing better to do with you’re time (!) I wonder if you’d be willing to drop a note with your thoughts. You’re the best!

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