IMDB 10K+ Votes Baseball Movies


Name the baseball feature films or docs with at least 10K votes on IMDB. Votes and year shown. First two words accepted for longer titles. Baseball movie means any movie in which baseball is the major, or very prevalent, theme in the film.

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  1. I like all these sports-specific movie quizzes. You know what would also be great, is a general ‘all sports movies’ quiz combining all these larger sports with smaller ones that might not have enough films to warrant their own quizzes – Balls of Fury, Happy Gilmore, Breaking Away, Kingpin, etc.

  2. if you think a movie should be on this list (and has 10K+ IMDB votes) let me know. Baseball must be a major theme of the entire movie. Also a movie like 61* is not included as it’s a TV movie.

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