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Name the feature films or docs with at least 10K votes on IMDB with World War II as a main theme. Votes and year shown. First two words accepted for longer titles. WW2 movie means any movie in which World War II or heavily related to it (if a pre-WW2 film) is a central theme in the film.

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  1. Films to consider removing:
    Ida- It’s about erasure of Jewish identity in Poland after WWII/holocaust, but it all takes place long after.
    Child 44–I haven’t seen this, but the plot sounds like any WWII stuff is just the prologue and most of it is a murder mystery set in Stalinist Russia.
    The Odessa File–Is about hunting Nazis long after WWII. Stuff like Notorious, The Boys from Brazil, Marathon Man, Apt Pupil, even X-Men: First Class would also count if this does.
    Triumph of the Will–Can a 1935 film be a WWII film?

    To add:
    Son of Saul–More narrowly set only in a concentration camp than most WWII/holocaust films, but still likely counts.
    Foreign Correspondent–About foiling German spies in buildup to WWII, ends with the lead reporting on the Battle of Britain.
    The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp–Covers a lot of ground, but definitely includes WWII.
    Midway (2019)–It looks like the 79 movie is here, but not the 2019 one.
    Mudbound–Deals with PTSD immediately after the war, with several flashbacks to the war.
    Little Boy (2015)–That bugnuts film where a kid prays so hard for his dad to come home from WWII he causes Hiroshima.

  2. If a movie that starts in WWII-era England and then mostly takes place in Narnia counts, then I think A League of Their Own should count. Everything in it happens because of the war, which is omnipresent. Also maybe The King’s Speech, since the titular speech is announcing the UK’s entry into the war. Finally, more of a stretch, but Hellboy starts in WWII, which lays the foundation for the plot.

  3. don’t want to nitpick but i don’t think it’s a wonderful life’s main subject is WW2 but George’s life from 9-however old he is at the end. don’t remember shutter island well enough but didn’t think that one was either. but it’s also just a fun quiz – a lot of memories with my dad growing up watching old war movies like Midway & Run Silent. In Harm’s Way just missed the cut too at 9.1k

  4. Some of these have nothing to do with WW2, even tangentially (I’m looking at you, Producers…), like Zulu – which is set decades prior – and Joyeux Noel – which is very clearly about WW1. Not sure how they made the list?

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