IMDB Movies Appearing In Every Top 250


Name the films which have always appeared in the IMDB Top 250 based on thousands of ‘snapshots’ of the Top 250 page since April, 1996. Sorted by highest rank achieved, then year, then title A-Z. Year of movie and highest rank shown.

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  1. Not sure if it would be possible, but could you do a version of this quiz for every movie that has been in every possible top 250 since its release? I’m sure there are movies that have come out post 1996 that have made it into every top 250 that was possible for them.

    1. unfortunately I can’t, the source doesn’t keep track of that nor can I get the exact days of the snapshots and when the movie first qualified for the top 250 on imdb. those all would need to be known, the movie doesn’t just qualify when it starts getting votes.

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