Lord Of The Rings Most Common Proper Nouns

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  1. I think there may be some proper names that are getting left out of the list here because they are also common words. For instance, “Lhaw” comes up as an answer, from the hill “Amon Lhaw”, but “Hen” in “Amon Hen” does not – and I suspect that “Amon Hen” actually occurs more times than “Amon Lhaw”. Similarly, I wonder if “Maggot” (as in “Farmer Maggot”) is getting left out.

    I also see “Hoom” in the list of 50 missed, and I wonder whether this is accidentally being included – I think it must come from Treebeard’s dialogue, where it is just a nonsense syllable like “hmm”, and it is not a proper name.

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