English, Scottish & British Monarchs

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Name the English, Scottish & British monarchs. No need for Roman numerals after names.

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Quiz Creation Date: 2-26-2015
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    A couple of the Old English spellings are tricky: I needed ‘Aethelred’ for Ethelred the Unready and ‘Eadweard’ for Edward the Martyr.
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    How does your list work for early England? Offa was king of Mercia and then the list switches to the kings of Wessex. The monarchs before Aethelstan did not style themselves as ‘King of the English’ or ‘Kings of England’, and in fact did not rule over most of the country. I think starting with Aethelstan is probably the best way to go for this. Also, ‘Lady Jane Grey’ should probably only require ‘Jane’ instead of ‘Lady Jane’.
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      I went with what they started with on the UK government site, which was Offa.
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      If absolutely forced to pick an official ‘first King of England’, then Athelstan would be a sound choice, but it’s in no way clear cut. As soon as he died a large part of his ‘kingdom’ was lost and his successors – who used a whole variety of royal styles – struggled for decades to reassert and maintain control over (almost) all of what is now considered English; Northumbria was only conquered for the final time under Edred. On the other side: Alfred was the first King of Wessex to style himself ‘King of the Angles/English and Saxons’ and he, his son Edward and his grandfather Egbert all brought significant parts of England outside of Wessex under their control. The official list could conceivably start with any one of the above kings, might as well have all of them! (Offa is a pretty odd choice though).

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