Lord Of The Rings Most Common Proper Nouns

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Name the LOTR-specific proper nouns which appear at least five times in the trilogy. Some have hyphens – do NOT include the hyphen. Any very similar variations that begin with the same letters are added together in the total – i.e. ‘hobbit’ includes ‘hobbits’ and ‘hobbit-like.’ Other names for characters/places are not included in their total – variations of their name/nicknames/etc are separate entries unless it begins with exactly the same letters (i.e. Sam/Samwell are together).

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  1. 0
    Why is “hobbit” a proper noun, but not “dwarf” or “elf” (or “man”)?
  2. 0
    I bet Farmer Maggot and Helm would be included if they weren’t tagged as non-proper nouns.
    1. 0
      yeah a couple words like that i didn’t have a count of how many times they were used as a name and how many not.
  3. 0
    I’m also guessing “Cotton”, like Rosie Cotton, and Tom Cotton.
  4. 0
    Also, shouldn’t Bag-End be on here somewhere?
    1. 0
      i’ve added Cotton. Bag End is tough because it is written out as two words, and obviously end is used plenty of times by itself, and bag somewhat too, so unable to get a total.
  5. 0
    Mithril, oliphaunt, ringwraiths and lembas are definitely not proper nouns. And why are Ent, Hobbit, and Huorn included but not the other races of Middle Earth?

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