Shakespeare Characters

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Name the Shakespeare characters who had at least 50 speeches across all works. Some alternate names accepted. Occasionally a generic name may be needed – i.e. ‘King of Scotland.’

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    It might be reasonable to accept “Buckingham” or “Gloucester” for the dukes and earls in the history plays, since the characters refer to each other and themselves this way — Henry V addresses “Bedford and Exeter, Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester”
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      I came down here to comment on exactly this, so instead I’ll just second it. I put in “Kent,” “Gloucester,” etc. and thought “I guess they didn’t have as many lines as I thought.” Most of the time they’re listed as such in the script as well.
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    Also, Enobarbus is spelled wrong (missing second b).
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    these have been fixed – let me know of any others.
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    I believe you’ve confused together a couple of different Warwicks. The one in the Henry IV and Henry V plays is Richard Beauchamp, the 13th Earl. The one in the Henry VI plays is Richard Neville, the 16th Earl, son-in-law of the 13th Earl. Same thing with Buckingham – the one in Henry VI Part 2 is the 1st Duke; the one in Richard III is his grandson, the second duke (and the one in Henry VIII is the latter’s son, the third duke)
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      ah..the source site had them combined – i’ll see if can get the numbers for them separately.

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