US Busiest Airports

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Name the 100 busiest US airports based on total passenger enplanements (boardings) for 2013. Some alternatives are accepted, but for many you must know the official name of the airport, i.e. not just the name of the city.

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Quiz Creation Date: 12-24-2014
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    I think this quiz needs some reconsideration. For instance, I’ve been to #21 at least 30 times in my life and never had any idea that Hollywood was part of its name. Maybe also accept the three-letter abbreviations, or to avoid people getting them while typing something in, three-letter abbreviation followed by a period (“XYZ.”). This is a good idea, but right now it’s too punishing and rigid.
    1. 0
      i’ll add an alternative for that one without ‘Hollywood’ – however for this one I do want people to know the actual airport name and not just be guessing at city names..but if one is very often referred to by a shorter name i’ll add an alternative.
    2. 1
      ^ Agree. Maybe it’s a different quiz, but I think airport codes would be a much more relevant challenge. Of the 80 or so of these I’ve transited in the past 5 years, there are several whose formal names I have never heard in my life and quite a few others that require a ton of guesswork to figure which part or parts of the name are required (and in what order). I feel like the names are pretty much irrelevant to begin with in cities with only 1 airport, so IMO the quiz would be better, if easier, if city names and/or IATA codes were accepted for those, especially where the city name alone is reflected code (PVD, LIT, etc.)
      1. 0
        Asking for city names only, even for those with only 1 airport, would make the quiz way too easy… you would just have to type in the largest cities. Airport codes ok, perhaps they could be accepted as alternative answers. It isn’t to say some answers can’t be tweaked here and there but take it as a chance to learn some airport names. Either way, scores on this quiz are not too bad… making it easier would render a lot of 90’s and perfect scores and the challenge would be gone.

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