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MLB 20-Game HR Teammates


Name the MLB teammates who have hit a HR in the same regular season game 20+ times since 1913. Year of last occurrence and team shown. Enter teammates by entering last names in either order (i.e. ‘thomasjohnson’ or ‘johnsonthomas’ would both work). Object is most total games, not pairs of teammates.

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6 months ago

Any way this quiz could be updated in a couple ways? 1. Would it be possible to update this to live? 2. Would it be possible to add slightly more time to start? As a member I found it challenging to earn additional time and could have easily kept going but typing these answers takes more time than usual quizzes. Thank you for all you do!

5 years ago

I believe many of the dates do not reflect their final game of shared HRs
#31 cites 10/3/01, but one of them made his debut in 2001. Perhaps their first?
#2 cites 1928, but the prolific pair played together for 6 more seasons.
#36 cites 1962, but these long time teammates spent 12 more seasons together after that.
Just a few quick examples. Still a great quiz, but …

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