MLB Active Career HR Leaders (Live)


Name the 100 active players with the most home runs. Total home runs and team with whom they’ve hit the most home runs (along with % of career HR’s hit for that team) shown.

This quiz is LIVE meaning it will be updated automatically each morning after the previous day’s matchups.

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    1. would be tough…the issue is you could have a guy leading after 1970 but he didn’t play in 1970 and maybe was hurt and still active so I’d have to check any guys at the end of each season who didn’t get a HR that season. Tough to determine who was actually active at the very end date of each season.

  1. as the total # of points changes for this quiz (and may go down over time), I’m changing it to the top 100 and counting based on players answered instead of points. have to reset high scores too.

    1. the Active status is taken from baseball reference. hopefully their status will catch up soon and he won’t be on the quiz for long. can’t manually remove him as it’s a live quiz.

      1. by Active i think the source (baseball reference) means they are playing, so that will include unsigned players and overseas players. hopefully their site will remove the retired players from their Active list before long so they disappear from this quiz.

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