MLB Most Hits By First Name

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  1. Some of the things I’ve noticed about this quiz are really shocking to me.

    For example, the player with the most hits with the first name Dennis — a common name — only has SEVENTY-FOUR hits. Also, knowing that the minimum number of players is 20, you’d think that there’d be a LOT more than 136 names that qualify, such as Miguel, Sammy/Samuel, Thomas and most strikingly, Derek.

      1. Not working for me, either. No name works until the alphabetical first name is typed in, the counter moves to 1, and all names populate, but no further names will score. Using Chrome.

          1. what are you typing as a first answer? what answers are you typing to get this issue? I’ve played it about 5 times and it works fine, I simply type in last names of players and they fill in. odd.

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