Most Common English Words – Choose Number


Enter ’50’, ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘5h’, ‘1k’, ‘2.5k’ or ‘5k’ to begin – then name that many of the most common English words. NOTES: the word frequency is taken from the Google Books corpus – a very wide ranging English corpus with books from many subjects some up to centuries old. It is NOT a LEMMA word list – meaning different forms of a word are counted SEPARATELY – ie. “be” and “are” are separate, as are “book” and “books.” As the corpus has many sequences that aren’t actually words I only allowed words that were on the TWL06 Internet Scrabble Club word list or in the Oxford English Dictionary for words over 15 characters.

Enter ’50’, ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘5h’, ‘1k’, ‘2.5k’ or ‘5k’ to begin.
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