Most Famous Sports People In History (MIT’s Pantheon)


Name the top 1000 people classified as having sports-related occupations who were compiled as part of the MIT Pantheon Project determining the most famous people in history. I only went based on their occupation – some people may have been both involved in sports and acting but if they were listed as an ‘Actor’ they were not included in this list. Occupation, birth year, and overall rank all people shown. Games such as chess included as well.

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  1. i Have Finished Almost Every Quiz IN the Multi Sports Quizzes But This Quiz Is Just Missed Up Next to No NFL Players Only Reason OJ Simpson is because hes a convicted Criminal way to many mountaineers (not really that much of a sport) and a billion soccer players as a guy from US i do know Mess, Ronaldo, Neymar, Pele, Cruijff, Marcadona, Wayne Rooney, etc BUT LOT OF THESE GUYS THAT PLAYED ON DECENT ENGLAND TEAM IN THE MID 50S I HAVE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF IN MY LIFE

  2. When a martial artist from 1860 scores higher than Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan, and where there are approximately 1,000 soccer players but no sign of Peyton Manning, Brett Favre or Tom Brady, I think there are some pretty egregious problems with the project’s methodology. I’m also curious about that referee (#260) who scores higher than Wayne Gretzky, Roger Federer and LeBron James.

    1. The methodology must be very strange indeed. Like you’d think Yao Ming, for example, would make an appearance on the list if, say, Kobe Bryant is. Also, Tony Hawk? How can he not be well-known enough internationally to make a list like this? Am I overestimating skateboarding’s global appeal?

  3. This list has some criminal omissions. No Jack Nicklaus, Gordie Howe, Mario Lemieux, Dale Earnhardt, Mickey Mantle…..For a list that is supposed to detail the “most famous” athletes, it sure seems light on the fame and heavy on the obscurity!

    1. Mostly they are just famous in the USA/Canada. This list is made with Wikipedia statistics, and to enter this list, every individual had to have more than 25 languages. There are more criteria, but I forgot about them.

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