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NBA All Points For One Team – Choose Number (Live)


First choose ‘50’, ‘100’, or ‘250’ – then name that many of the career NBA points leaders who scored all of their points for only one team. Object is most points, not players. Total points and team (among current franchises) shown.

This quiz is LIVE meaning it is updated automatically every morning after a previous day’s NBA matchups.

Enter '50', '100', or '250' to begin.
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2 months ago

This is missing some guys who were on franchises that relocated, e.g. Calvin Murphy and Rudy Tomjanovich.

Also, Bane, Ball, and Looney don’t work unless you type their full names. Not sure who else this is the case for – seems to be some of the more recent additions.

Last edited 2 months ago by prolifik
4 years ago

Tripped up by a couple of guys who played on existing NBA teams during the ABA years!

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