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  1. I’m not sure what’s going on with Augusta University. Neither “Augusta” nor “Augusta St” nor “Augusta State” nor “Augusta University” nor “Augusta State University” works. What are you looking for? Also, I only see two schools listed as Div II schools in Puerto Rico.

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          1. You’ve got Stevenson (Maryland) in the Capital Athletic, but they’re in the MAC Commonwealth. On the topic of that conference, it’s a bit confusing the way you’re handling the umbrella “Middle Atlantics” conference. You’ve grouped the MAC Commonwealth and MAC Freedom teams into the one conference, but the quiz also gives you credit for the individual conferences as you complete them. And it gives you credit for the Freedom without getting Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham (New Jersey); I actually can’t get that one to work, what do you have for the name of that one? Also Misericordia (Maryland) is marked as Freedom – it seems to be the only one, but I might have missed one. I would suggest to either group them all as the Middle Atlantic and only give credit for that one or split them out into the MAC Freedom and MAC Commonwealth and given credit for both.

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  2. I did add some teams to new conferences that they may not be joining til next year, if only to prevent me having to update this quiz more haha. I’ll fix Missouri STL – was a typo. I can adjust this so the roads go away and zooming is possible too.

  3. You added Westminster College (Utah) to the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, but they don’t join until 2015. They’re currently still NAIA.

    Missouri St Louis does not appear to work anymore. There’s a Great Lakes Valley team in St. Louis that I can’t figure out and I’m assuming it’s them.

    Nitpicking question – why do I have to write out “state” sometimes but not others? For example, California St Northridge works, but California St Chico does not – you have to type out California State Chico (actually, just Chico St should work). Same with Colorado State Pueblo.

    This is definitely one of those quizzes where the google maps version was superior, it’s a shame you had to switch over. Is there any way you could allow us to zoom in just one level? There are certain places like in the Philadelphia area where it’s impossible to tell what you have and what is left until you get most of the schools. The other problem I have is that the state outlines are barely distinguishable and the road outlines are distracting. Is there any way you could do this with Map view instead of Satellite?

    Sorry if all I’m doing is complaining here. I love these map quizzes, and this site in general, and all your old quizzes that were on Sporcle. Keep up the awesome work!

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  4. Here’s some changes that I can think of:
    Division II
    – Cal State San Marcos (Joins CCAA in 2015 from NAIA)
    – Coker & Queens (NC) (move to South Atlantic Conference)
    – Emmanuel (GA) & Southern Wesleyan (Join Conference Carolinas from NAIA)
    – Oklahoma Baptist (Joins Great American Conference in 2015 from NAIA)
    – Truman State (move to Great Lakes Valley Conference)
    – Alderson-Broaddus (WVIAC), Cedarville (Indy), Central State (Indy), Davis & Elkins (WVIAC), Kentucky Wesleyan (GLVC), Ohio Valley (WVIAC), Salem International (Indy), Trevecca Nazarene (Indy), & Ursuline (Indy) formed the Great Midwest Athletic Conference
    – Cumberland (Tenn.) & Georgetown (KY) (Join Great Midwest Athletic Conference in 2015 from NAIA)
    – Concordia (Oregon) (Joins Great Northwest in 2015 from NAIA)
    – Lee (add to Gulf South Conference)
    – Mississippi College (Move to Gulf South Conference)
    – Lubbock Christian & Rogers State (Move to Heartland Conference)
    – Charleston (WVIAC), Concord (WVIAC), Fairmont State (WVIAC), Glenville State (WVIAC), Notre Dame (Ohio) (Indy), Shepherd (WVIAC), Urbana (Indy), Virginia-Wise (Indy), West Liberty State (WVIAC), West Virginia State (WVIAC), West Virginia Wesleyan (WVIAC) & Wheeling Jesuit (WVIAC) formed the Mountain East Conference
    – Concordia (California) (Joins Pacific West Conference in 2015 from NAIA)
    – Augusta State (Peach Belt) Changed their name to Georgia Regents
    – Seton Hill & Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Move to Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference)
    – South Dakota School of Mines (Joins Rocky Mountain from Indy)
    – Westminster (Utah) (Joins Rocky Mountain in 2015 from NAIA)
    – Spring Hill (Joins Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference from NAIA)
    – Palm Beach Atlantic (Joins Sunshine Conference from Indy)
    – Embry-Riddle (FL) (Joins Sunshine Conference from NAIA)
    – Bluefield State becomes Independent

    Division III
    – Presentation – Delete (moved back to NAIA)
    – Spelman – Delete (Dropped Athletics)
    – McMurry (Move back to American Southwest Conference)
    – Belhaven (Joins American Southwest in 2015 from NAIA)
    – Christopher Newport, Penn State Harrisburg, Southern Virginia (Move to Capital Athletic Conference)
    – Houghton (Add to Empire 8)
    – Mills (CA) (Add to Great South Conference)
    – Elizabethtown (Move to Landmark Conference)
    – Emerson (Move to New England Men’s & Woman’s Conference)
    – Bryn Athyn & Pennsylvania College of Tech (Join North Eastern Athletic Conference)
    – Iowa Wesleyan (add to St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference)
    – Sarah Lawrence (Add to Skyline Conference)
    – Polytechnic (NY) (Not Sure if they are in this but they can be Deleted, merged with New York University)
    – Centenary (Louisiana) (Add to Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference)
    – Schreiner & Texas Lutheran (Move to Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference)
    – North Central (Minnesota) (add to Upper Midwest Athletic Conference)
    – Covenant, Huntingdon, LaGrange (Move to USA South Athletic Conference)
    – Maranatha Baptist Bible (Move to Independent)
    – Add Alfred State (Indy), Berea (Indy), Illinois Tech (Indy) & Valley Forge Christian (Indy)

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