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  1. This is so difficult to even partly finish in the amount of time given (even with time bonuses). I would submit a list of alternate names that should be accepted but I can’t even get through more than half of the state moving west to east before time is up. Maybe an untimed version or more time bonuses for getting a certain number of schools per division would help

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        1. You’ve got Stevenson (Maryland) in the Capital Athletic, but they’re in the MAC Commonwealth. On the topic of that conference, it’s a bit confusing the way you’re handling the umbrella “Middle Atlantics” conference. You’ve grouped the MAC Commonwealth and MAC Freedom teams into the one conference, but the quiz also gives you credit for the individual conferences as you complete them. And it gives you credit for the Freedom without getting Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham (New Jersey); I actually can’t get that one to work, what do you have for the name of that one? Also Misericordia (Maryland) is marked as Freedom – it seems to be the only one, but I might have missed one. I would suggest to either group them all as the Middle Atlantic and only give credit for that one or split them out into the MAC Freedom and MAC Commonwealth and given credit for both.

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