NCAA Division I II III Schools


Name the NCAA Division I, II and III schools. Time bonuses are available for completing states, conferences, and # of schools.  Conferences are the primary conference for each school – the school may have certain sports in other conferences. NAMING NOTES: you need not type in “University” or “at” – typing a state name will answer the state’s primary “University of (state)” school, i.e. “Wisconsin” will answer UW-Madison. For other state schools, simply type the school name and location, i.e. Wisconsin so-and-so. Some abbreviations are accepted but many are not due to the dupes they would have with other schools. Finally, for the “&” sign as in “A&M” – type in the word “and”…i.e. “a and m”.

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  1. Great quiz. I played untimed and got all but 8 answers. I can’t figure out what you want for the answers on these. I zoomed in and got the name off the map, but no configuration of the names would work. It would be great if you could add the little chart that tells you 50 missed like the non-map quizzes.

      1. Finally figured them all out. Some of your pins are off target. There are also a few name changes and closures since the last update. Don’t ask me which ones, it took me 4 days to figure out all the names.

  2. Quiz seems to be more demanding about certain names now. You have to type out “massachusetts institute of technology” – same for most or all of the technical schools. State University of New York at Delhi is another. Purchase University? Plattsburgh State? The only way to get Stockton is to type “Richard Stockton”. “The College of New Jersey” must be typed out. The “saint” schools vary quite a bit in how you’re required to type it out or abbreviate it. “College of Saint Scholastica” is one example. Love this quiz. My favorite of all time.

  3. When you type a name that applies to multiple schools (e.g. Regis, Concordia) the quiz only removes one of the markers.

    Also, can the quiz accept “SUNY Delhi” and “SUNY Purchase”

    Great quiz!

  4. Hey Darin, I’d really REALLY like to have an option on such large, challenging quizzes like this one, to turn the clock off, and just spend good time working through my mind. If you prefer, a second quiz, with no score (or perhaps only a “personal best” score), and no other “benefit” to those who just want to look up the answers and cheat, for whatever reason. I think this quiz used to have a “longer” clock, and I was able to get more schools, but now it seems I can never really get into the meat of this quiz because the clock stops the quiz.

      1. You’ve got Stevenson (Maryland) in the Capital Athletic, but they’re in the MAC Commonwealth. On the topic of that conference, it’s a bit confusing the way you’re handling the umbrella “Middle Atlantics” conference. You’ve grouped the MAC Commonwealth and MAC Freedom teams into the one conference, but the quiz also gives you credit for the individual conferences as you complete them. And it gives you credit for the Freedom without getting Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham (New Jersey); I actually can’t get that one to work, what do you have for the name of that one? Also Misericordia (Maryland) is marked as Freedom – it seems to be the only one, but I might have missed one. I would suggest to either group them all as the Middle Atlantic and only give credit for that one or split them out into the MAC Freedom and MAC Commonwealth and given credit for both.

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