NCAA Division I Schools


Name the current NCAA Division I schools. Time bonuses are available for completing states, conferences, and # of schools.  All states included except Alaska which has no Div 1 school – DC is included as a state, so there are 50 total. Conferences are the primary conference for each school – the school may have certain sports in other conferences. NAMING NOTES: you need not type in “University” or “at” – typing a state name will answer the state’s primary “University of (state)” school, i.e. “Wisconsin” will answer UW-Madison. For other state schools, simply type the school name and location, i.e. Wisconsin so-and-so. Some abbreviations are accepted but many are not due to the dupes they would have with other schools. Finally, for the “&” sign as in “A&M” – type in the word “and”…i.e. “a and m”.

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  1. Love the quiz. It would be helpful if conference counters were provided … for example, Ivy 0/8 … and increment as schools are named. I think of schools by conference and currently hunt for tags … the counters would make it much easier to fill in schools by conference.

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