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NCAA Football National Champions In Order


The object of this quiz is to name (see naming note below) the NCAA Football National Champions teams in order starting with the most recent. Naming a team that isn’t the next answer will count as a ‘strike’ against you. 3 strikes, you’re out. Naming a team that has never won a championship will not take, so only teams which have won will be accepted. This is based on the NCAA’s website, so may not include some organization’s champions for some years. There was no champion in 1871.

NAMING NOTE: To name a team, type the school followed by a ‘.’ – i.e. ‘Michigan.’ – some abbreviations are accepted. Also – some years have multiple champions – you must name them in correct A-Z order within those years.

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8 months ago

on years with multiple national champions can you fix it where order doesn’t matter (example 1997)

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