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NHL 2-Team Blackout


The object of this game is to name players (skaters not goalies) who played for both teams – the team in the column and the team in the cell – trying to name the player in each cell who had the most minimum total points among those two teams. For example, if the column is the Oilers, and the cell is the Rangers, you are trying to name the player whose minimum among their career total points for both the Oilers and Rangers is the highest. So you are basically trying to name the players who played the ‘most’ for both teams. A player with 500 points for the Oilers but only 25 for the Rangers is going to give a low score, however a player with 350 for the Oilers and 150 for the Rangers will yield a good score (the minimum being 150 instead of 25).

You must enter full player names, just last names won’t work on this quiz.

Object is to get the highest average score among all 25 squares – unfilled squares will count as 0 when the quiz is over.

Scores are given on a 1-100 scale, with 100 being the player with the most minimum points total among the two teams. If a player has multiple answers in the grid, only the highest score answer will fill in first, you can then name the player again if you’d like. This prevents getting a low score for another pair of teams when you were naming that player.

hugequiz Premium users will see the #1 player for each pair of teams when the quiz ends.

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9 months ago

I think you can try another version of this using games played rather than points, and that way you can include goalies too

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