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Oscar All Winning Films


Name every film to have won an Oscar. Special/honorary Oscars not included. Total wins and year of wins shown. First two words accepted for longer titles. Object is most wins, not films. This quiz includes all awards…any Oscar won for work on a specific film, from acting to sound to editing, is counted as a win for that film.

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1 year ago

*looks at #1, #2 and #16, then immediately ends the quiz* This is why I hate The Oscars.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ovamiat

I mean, look at the awards that LotR won. It’s not like it was cleaning up acting awards like EEAAO.

It rightfully cleaned up in the technical categories (visual/sound effects & editing, makeup, costume type stuff), and added wins for adapted screenplay, Director, and Picture. You can argue that maybe it shouldn’t have swept the latter two categories too (though it was a weak year, and the actual Best Picture in City of God wasn’t even nominated for BP), but it would still be one of the most awarded films of all-time regardless.

If not for Return of the King, Mystic River likely would’ve won BP and maybe BD too. And while Mystic was a fine movie, Return of the King shifted the direction & scale of filmmaking, especially in regards to fantasy/franchise epics. Twenty years on and it still looks better than most of these trillion-dollar budget Marvel fiascos, lol.

1 year ago
Reply to  Andy

This is a pro-LotR & Peter Jackson reply btw, not pro-Oscars or pro #2 / #16.

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