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      1. Not trying to be a pain here, but I looked up Vieira on the website and he’s listed as French. There are others like Benteke and Nani for example where I find a similar discrepancy.

        I’m pursuing this because quite frankly, some of these new nationalities since the update (which seem to be linked to country of birth) are creating an additional challenge in playing the quiz. As someone who knows a lot of these players and nationalities they’re actually identified as, seeing countries like Uzbekistan and Cape Verde pop up in the hints is really confusing.

        1. I’m guessing this is due to a difference in the concept of “nationality” between the UK and the US. In most countries in the Americas (including the US), if you are born in a country then you are automatically a citizen of that country. I think many Americans do not realise this is not the case in most of the world – in most countries, where you’re born is irrelevant – e.g. being born in the UK/Kazakhstan/Malawi does not automatically make you British/Kazakh/Malawian, it’s the nationality(-ies) of your parents that influences what your nationality is.

          That said, I love this quiz and this site, thanks a lot for all your efforts!

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