PWI Top 50 Wrestlers By Year

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  1. KENTA & Kenta Kobashi are actually *not* the same person. After 2006, Kobashi didn’t appear in the top 50. Hurricane Helms, Gregory Helms & The Hurricane are the same person. Please accept “Brian Kendrick” or “Kendrick” for Spanky. P.S.: If you accept “Warrior” for Ultimate Warrior, *don’t* accept “Warrior” for Black Warrior, who is practically unknown outside Mexico; that’s just a suggestion – maybe it’s unfair. I don’t understand your numbering system. Some people are listed as having their 2nd or 3rd PWI appearance in 1991, but 1991 was the first year of awards, so that shouldn’t be possible.

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      1. Cool. Double-check on KENTA, though.
        “Kenta Kobashi” appeared from 1994 to 2006 in the Top 50, but
        “KENTA” i.e. “Hideo Itami” i.e. (confusingly enough) “Kenta Kobayashi” appears frequently throughout the 2000s.
        You’ve still got “Kenta Kobashi” appearing in places where KENTA should be. Otherwise good.

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  2. Also CIMA & Shiima Nobunaga are the same person, Sid Vicious, Sid Justice, Sycho Sid & just Sid are all the same person, Kaz & Kazarian are the same person, Albert, A-Train & Tensai are all the same person, Jamie Noble & Jamie Knoble are the same person. Also please accept “Warrior” for the ultimate warrior & “Smith” for Davey Boy Smith.

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  3. Booker T & King Booker are the same person. Low Ki & Senshi are the same person. Rocky Romero & Black Tiger IV are the same person. Psicosis & Nicho El Millonario are the same person. Alberto Del Rio, Alberto El Patron & Dos Caras Jr are all the same person. X-Pac, The 1-2-3 Kid & Syxx are all the same person. Ricky Banderas, El Mesias & Mil Muertes are all the same person. The Big Show & The Giant are the same person. Keiji Mutoh & The Great Muta are the same person. Cesaro/Antonio Cesaro & Claudio Castagnoli are the same person. You’ve got him listed correctly, but Faarooq was known as Ron Simmons before 1997.












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