RIAA Certified Artists Beginning With ‘The’


Name all the RIAA certified artists whose name begins with ‘The’ – I used the official RIAA site for determining if a band/artist begins with ‘The’ as many bands often do or don’t have the initial ‘The’ in their name. Object is most certifications, not artists. Total certs and certified albums shown. First two words accepted for longer artist titles. Band names that are “So-And-So & The So-And-So’s” are not included.

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    1. On the RIAA site they have it, which is how I determined to include them per the instructions. There are also bands that have had leading The on some albums and without the leading The on others too, so it’s not always easy to determine which to include.

      1. I’m a die hard Talking Heads fan so it’s massively annoying to me when their name is misrepresented. I realize you are taking cues from the RIAA, but it’s so aggravating! Great quiz though. An idea I have: Best selling artists with a color in their name

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