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Rolling Stone’s 200 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time


Name the 200 greatest hip-hop albums of all time according to Rolling Stone in 2022. First two words accepted for longer titles.

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2 years ago

Lol, I can’t believe Nas, Pac, Wayne, Em, NWA, De La Soul, the Fugees, Ghostface, Slick Rick, Mos Def/Black Star, Little Brother, Bone Thugs, etc etc etc were all spurred a chance at the top 20 by the likes of Cardi & Future. And no Lupe in the entire top 200!??!

There are some good shouts, don’t get me wrong (Noname, K’Naan, Rapsody, etc), but yikes. Rolling Stone dropped the ball here big time.

2 years ago
Reply to  Andy

It’d be hard to put the 12 names you mentioned in a top 20 (especially Little Brother and Bone Thugs ? Seriously ? Plus Ghostface already has an album at #14 which is awesome) but while I agree Illmatic, Straight Outta Compton and possibly 3 Feet High would deserve the top 20 (the other would not), I also think for better and for worse Future is the most influential hip-hop artist of the past decade and deserves a mention. I’m not saying he is the best, I actually don’t enjoy his music and everything that followed, but it shaped so much of the rap scene that it makes sense in a list like this.

Cardi B has nothing to do in the top 20 though.

I don’t think it’s a terrible list, especially from a magazine that was still so out of touch 10 years ago when they would barely recognize any rap album not by either Public Enemy or Eminem.

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