Sports Films With Highest Box Office Gross

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  1. I have a few that I think should be included, which I’ll list from least of a stretch to most of a stretch:
    Invictus (2009) – It’s about rugby, should totally be here.
    Brewster’s Millions (1985) – Richard Pryor’s character is a minor league baseball player, and a big part of the plot is him getting his team to play the Yankees and then retiring.
    Snatch (2000) – If Forrest Gump is on the list because of his football scenes, then Snatch should be on because of its boxing scenes. They’re much more central to the plot.
    Trainwreck (2015) – Again, if Forrest Gump and Jerry Maguire count, than this should. The male lead is an athletic surgeon, there are multiple pro athletes, and a lot of the movie revolves around basketball and cheerleading scenes.
    Gladiator (2000) – Boxing, wrestling, and MMA all count as sports on this list, Gladiator battles were the sports of their day, just more lethal, but this movie is still about an athletic performance performed before a crowd.

    1. I’ll add the first 3…in Trainwreck the main character does not play a sport (one of my criteria) – and I’m not really considering being a gladiator a ‘sport’ in the sense that one would not think of it as a ‘sports’ film.

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