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Sports Illustrated All Covers


Using LAST NAMES (EXCEPTIONS – SEE NOTES) and NO PUNCTUATION, name all the people (SEE NOTES) who have been on an SI cover since its inception to 3/11/13.  TIME BONUSES available for many categories. NOTES: SOY = Sportsman/woman of the year. FULL NAMES may be required for any non-human answer. Name of the most…

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9 years ago

No prob. Just ticked that it didn’t take. I think that I need to add some new software so as to read everything. I can’t even see any high scores or most missed or hardest. Not happy, but not your fault.

9 years ago

Yes, logged in. When I click on the ‘Badges’ page, it only shows me the comments, not the badges. It wasn’t doing this on my laptop. Very confusering. What am I missing?

9 years ago

Darin-I don’t know why, but it didn’t register my score on this one. Did well-over 1,000- but no badge. I have a new computer, so that’s not it…I think….Thanks.

9 years ago


For some reason, I don’t have the “Cover Photo” badge even though I got 1,000 on this quiz.


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