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US 250 Closest Cities – Choose Any City


Begin by typing in any US city/town/etc in the format City, State – i.e. ‘Boston, MA’ – for a handful of places with the same name in the same state you will need to add a number corresponding to the population rank of that name in that state – i.e. ‘Madison, WI1’ for the largest of the two Madison, WI’s. That city will appear as a pink marker and the 250 closest cities/towns/etc to that city (not including the one you chose) will also appear. High scores are kept only for cities of 25K+ population. ‘Closest Cities’ on bottom left shows the top number of closest cities in a row you have completed (i.e. a ‘3’ if you have the 3 closest but not the 4th). Object is highest population among 250 closest, not total places.

Enter city to begin (i.e. 'Chicago, IL').
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8 months ago

I only missed Oldtown, ID and it says (oldtown%)

3 years ago

Just took the quiz and scored 86.90%. The score didn’t post as one of the high scores. Thanks.

4 years ago

I’ve discovered that on this 250-answer quiz, there is an error/glitch when you want to see “25 missed” or “25 hardest.” I can see these answers/results just fine on the 100-answer quiz and other quizzes, but not this one for some reason.

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