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US 50 Largest Cities By State Identifier – Choose State


First choose any state by typing the state’s abbreviation (i.e. ‘OH’) – then, double-click on the marker for each of the top 50 largest cities (or less for NV) in that state as they come up. Markers will all be red to begin. Clicking on a the correct shown city will turn the marker green. Clicking on the incorrect city will cause no change in the markers.

Note – you may want to zoom in on markers which are close to one another to make sure you click on the correct marker.

If red markers do not appear after you choose a state try reloading the quiz.

Enter state abbreviation to choose state (i.e. 'FL')...
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11 months ago

This quiz is pretty good, but it’s really annoying when you accidentally double click on a green pin because it’s so close to a red one. It would be nice if double clicking the correct city would also disable the button.

11 months ago

Great idea for a quiz! It would be fun to have this quiz where we can toggle through instead of just with the forced order. Also, maybe expand it to include ALL of the cities in a state.

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