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Name ALL (yes, ALL) US cities/towns/etc totaling the highest population before time runs out.  Quiz is not timed.  Quiz may be slow loading at first while all the markers are placed.

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  1. I noticed when I zoom in I am able to see the names of buildings in the cities which can give away the city names. Furthermore, if you click on one of the buildings (like a shop or restaurant), it says the building’s address (containing the city name). Makes it a bit easy to cheese the quiz.

    1. That would be brutal, you wouldn’t be able to tell what you missed… I like it! Even more brutal would be forcing you to specify the state for each town so you have to know which states have a Springfield.

    2. This would be a lot of fun. It’d be a different type of challenge, not knowing for sure what’s still out there. But the feedback would be fun to track, a heat map of the places you know best.

  2. In this quiz 100% equals about 220 million people, but the US has about 325 million inhabitants…
    How is that possible? Do so many people live outside city limits and are because of that not counted in this quiz?

    1. a lot of places are not really ‘incorporated’ type places, like CDP’s, towns in most states, much more rural settings usually…etc…the ‘All Places’ in this quiz are typically incorporated places, like cities, towns/townships in some states, etc. There are many different types of ‘place’ in the US and some are generally not counted when one does a ‘largest cities/places’ type quiz.

      1. ^Yep.

        Really depends a lot on where you are too. Rural areas in the eastern US are more populous than in the west; there’s really no equivalent in the east to the Great Basin or the bulk of Alaska where you literally have miles and miles of totally unpopulated land.

        In the west, a lot of urbanized areas just aren’t incorporated. Portland, Oregon; San Diego; Las Vegas; and I assume most others each have very substantial populations in areas outside city limits. There are also unincorporated “islands” of just a few lots literally surrounded by a city, but which for whatever reason never became part of that city. Aloha, Oregon would be one of the Oregon’s larger cities if it incorporated. Beaverton tried annexing nearby areas, including parts of Aloha, until a rather messy legal fight involving Nike put a halt to that. Usually the county takes care of planning and other services for these areas.

  3. Damascus, Oregon disincorporated last year. Not sure if it’s intentional or not, but it’s treating cities with dashed names differently from cities without dashes. So, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA and Milton-Freewater, OR only need the first word to count, but multiword cities need the full name (Oregon City, etc.).

  4. yeah it should work now – try holding CTRL while refreshing the page to make sure you are loading the newest version. i’ve tried it many times and it has worked each time since i made a couple changes.

  5. They’re there… It may take a while on older systems or slower connectons (don’t know if that’s the case) given the sheer amount of markers. Load the quiz, go for a coffee or a stroll outside and be back in 10 minutes. Or just play the text version of the quiz… 🙂

  6. OK so just for fun I decided to play this quiz once, just typing in the last names of U.S. presidents. Apparently there are 339 U.S. place names that are exactly the last name of a US president (not including derivations like “Jefferson City”). 3,885,317 people live in these cities, or approximately the population of Bosnia and Herzegovina. That’s pretty astounding. And the only last names that didn’t give me any results were Obama, Reagan, Eisenhower, and for some reason Hayes. I really would’ve expected there to be a place called Hayes.

    Sorry. Just thought that was kinda interesting.

    1. Playing the No Map version of the quiz is much safer in that respect… Twice this quiz crashed on my first couple attempts forcing me to change to the text version. It’s harder since you don’t have the map as a reference but at least will allow you to register your score.

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