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US Capitals Past & Present


Name all the capitals each state has had since becoming a state (admitted to the Union). State and time span of capital shown.

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7 months ago

Weird little bug – when time expired – the #51-100 page went almost completely blank – all I could see where the index numbers 1 through 50 (the #1-50 page behaved “normally” – showing my answers (or empty values when I missed the answer) – and the percentage of test-takers who got that specific item correct – and the 20 Missed and 20 Hardest pages also showed the correct information – only problem was on the second “answer” page.)

3 years ago

Really wish this was longer. Would enjoy being able to think through these instead of rushing to get all the current wants in for the sake of added time.

3 years ago
Reply to  panamanama

*current ones

2 years ago
Reply to  panamanama

I agree. The time is way too short. These quick timed quizzes are more about testing your typing skills rather than knowledge. That is why I have gravitated away from this site more and more.

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