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US Cities Triple Blackout


Fill in the 25 squares with three (or less if less than 3 qualify) US cities based on the categories in the top row and the geographical location given in the cell. For example, if you are looking at a cell with ‘CA’ in its row, and ‘2+ Words’ in the column, that cell can be filled in with ‘San Jose.’ When a cell is completed it fills in green.

Northeast, South, Midwest and West divisions are per the US Census Bureau’s regions. West includes AK & HI.

Occasionally a cell may not have any qualifying answer, in which case it will be filled in bright green and be a gimme. Cells with two answers left will have a very dark green background, those with one answer left more of an evergreen shade, and finally bright green for those which have been completed. Some cells with only 1 or 2 valid answers will start with a green shade corresponding to how many answers are left.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers in red – they will be the largest city which qualified in each cell – only one miss will be shown per incomplete cell.

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5 months ago

You know you’ve been playing this game too much when you’re like “Hmm… What starts with M in Florida?” and you’re immediately typing Macclenny, Micanopy, and then a few names of towns which frustratingly you realize must be unincorporated, but then you realize you hadn’t even thought of Miami yet.

3 months ago
Reply to  rickele

I did that too and did it in the state I live in, which is Connecticut. I had a row of Ends with T and I forgot the most obvious answer there which was Bridgeport, CT.

6 months ago

I grew up in King of Prussia, PA but it isn’t 2+ words?

6 months ago
Reply to  craigklewis

it’s a cdp

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