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US Google Street View Challenge (Large Cities)


You will be given a Google Street View window randomly placed near the center of one of the 100 largest US cities in which you can move around in. Name the US city where you are located within two minutes. The faster you answer, the more points you get. Max points is 100 for guessing in 10 seconds or less.

Type 'start' to begin.
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8 months ago

This is great fun! Is anyone else having a problem with it accepting the last right name? Maybe it is accepting it but the image on the screen is not keeping up. Meanwhile, I love it.

1 year ago

I can’t stop playing this! I love that it drops you in a different place in each city each time it shows you the city.

2 years ago

Hands down the most fun quiz ever!

3 years ago

I’m learning that an awful lot of cities have streets named ‘Chestnut.’

3 years ago

I’m amazed by the high scores, I’m a terrible guesser! But this quiz is a ton of fun and I’m enjoying a lot anyway.

3 years ago

I’ve done just one of these and while I’m sure there are some issues to work out – can’t think of them yet – this is a lot of fun. Great job Darin!

I guess the best idea I’ve come up with is like…similar to how you have so many different geography quizzes that can be broken out into different types/versions, it’d be fun to do something like this broken down by state, or by region, etc

3 years ago
Reply to  DylanJenkins

Okay, so I may need a version where I can get *a bit* more time ha. Again, tons of fun, but man 2 minutes can seem difficult (at least for me)

3 years ago

This is crazy fun. Great idea. You have to use a lot of different bases of knowledge.

3 years ago

Note to game: When you’re trying to make it hard for us, DON’T DROP SOMEONE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.

3 years ago

Man … I think this is one of those that’s a great idea on paper but just too hard in reality.

3 years ago

Well it’s not exactly a summer vacation but I guess it will have to do. I even got stuck in a fishing boat in New Orleans somehow!

3 years ago
Reply to  darin

I did actually get the inside of a building in Washington DC

3 years ago

interesting idea!

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