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  1. Could you change the answered colour from black to red or something similar? It’s very difficult to see which MSAs have been answered, especially against the darker forests, lakes, and mountains. Also, you may want to add a general note that the central ‘city’ for a MSA/µSA can also be a CDP (or town, village, etc.) and not necessarily a city.

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    1. Damnit. And as a general note to everyone, don’t post a comment before finishing a quiz. I’ve now learned the hard way that it doesn’t save your score (though this could be because I’m using Chrome and it takes me to some weird page after posting).

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    2. Yes, a strong red will make the guesses more visible. Black would work fine on Google Maps but Mapquest maps are darker so fluorescent colours will always work better. I like the minimalism of this quiz… no labels with the guesses and no State stats. I wouldn’t have timed it though.

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