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25 days ago

Darin, is it possible to add an option of maximizing the sum of answer values instead of the number of answers for user created quizes? Like you have in your sport quizes where the objective is to maximize the number of goals scored, not the number of different goalscorers.

2 months ago

The Detroit Lions have won 2 playoff games since this quiz was made. If this quiz is not made to be a freebe, I suggest adding those in.

2 months ago

For the all Star Trek episodes, you have a requirement for colons (:) to be entered as opposed to other punctuation for “Course: Oblivion” and “Crisis Point 2: Paradoxus” but not for “Assignment: Earth”, “Beyond the Farthest Star” is accepted only with the erroneous “Furthest” word and “The Lorelei Signal” is accepted only with the erroneous “Lorelai” spelling.

2 months ago

Time bonuses do not seem to be working on this quiz, “Top 100 Largest Cities In The USA”

5 months ago

On the TSPDT Top 1000 Movies quiz, there doesn’t seem to be a way to enter 8 1/2. I think it expects the 1/2 as a single symbol.

6 months ago
Last edited 6 months ago by alexfish86
6 months ago

Missing Ekko,Janna, Qiyana and Quinn

Last edited 6 months ago by matzer
6 months ago

Detroit’s Mile Road System:: 13 Mile has another name for about a mile between a point east of Van Dyke and a point east of Mound, and there’s also an 18 1/2 Mile Road in Macomb County, as well as a 8 1/2 Mile (Tophfer or something close to that spelling).

7 months ago

There seems to be an error. Everyone knows that The Simpsons ended after Season 8 and every episode was a classic.

7 months ago

Is there a way to credit response with values other than one-to-one. For example, on the “NCAA Basketball Tournament All Teams” quiz, credit is given for number of appearances, rather than one point for each team named. Is that possible with these User Created quizzes?

7 months ago

Time bonuses do not seem to be working on this quiz, “All League of Legends Champions”. Additionally, some answers are missing. I found Ekko and Janna to be missing but there may be others that I just didn’t have time for (as again, bonuses didn’t work).

7 months ago
Reply to  Aliyahu

Also Quinn and Qiyana.

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