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Name as many 4-letter words in row so that 3 of the 4 letters of the previous word are in the next word in the same positions. You get 5:00 – timer starts when you start typing the first word. This word will appear in green. The next word will need to match 3 of the 4 letters of the previous (i.e. male -> mile). If you enter a NON WORD you will be penalized 10 seconds. If you enter a USED WORD your streak will end, however no penalty. If you enter a NON-CONFORMING WORD, it will state that the word doesn’t work and streak will end as well. Time bonuses are given for reaching 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 words in a row. Words are anything which appear on the Internet Scrabble Club word list.

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    I really enjoy this quiz, and I have a couple of ideas for it or related ones: (1) showing a list of words you’ve already used as you go, (2) a variation in which you get extra points for using harder letters, perhaps even just scoring a streak by Scrabble score.
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      hey good ideas, i think i may elaborate on this quiz soon. just added a badge for it.
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      for this quiz I believe I used the internet scrabble club official word list to determine what were words…lede isn’t on that list.
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      Ahhh I was just coming here to comment that. Stupid scrabble club…
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    I just got 146 words in a row but didn’t get a single bonus after 50.
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      i think 50 is the highest bonus.
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        I realise that, but it then means once you get past 50 it’s actually more in your interest to get one wrong and start over. On my earlier attempts I got a lot more bonuses that way.

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