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First choose a number by typing ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘500’, ‘1k’, ‘5k’ or ’10k’ – then name that many of the most common English words. NOTE: At the very bottom of the ‘Range’ list box is now the 50 Hardest/Missed stats. Also, the % correct guessed will show only for the top 1000 words – you must have the Range box on 1-100 thru 901-1000 and the Letter box on ‘All’ to see these – these stats won’t show up on the by length or by letter options. You may have to wait a few moments after a larger number quiz for the stats to compute and be viewable.

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NOTES: The word frequency is taken from the Google Books corpus – a very wide ranging English corpus with books from many subjects some up to centuries old. It is NOT a LEMMA word list – meaning different forms of a word are counted SEPARATELY – ie. “be” and “are” are separate, as are “book” and “books.” As the corpus has many sequences that aren’t actually words I only allowed words that were on the TWL06 Internet Scrabble Club word list (under TWL here: or in the Oxford English Dictionary for words over 15 characters (TWL06 list doesn’t have words that long). When an answer is guessed it will go in the table and its rank will be shown below left of the table. Clicking on a RANGE and LETTER combination in the list boxes will show words in that range for that letter or category (you can show words starting with a certain letter, words of certain lengths, all words – many ways to view the word list). Showing ALL words show the word’s starting letter and length. Showing words by LETTER shows the length and overall rank. Showing words by LENGTH shows the starting letter and overall rank. TIME BONUSES are given for certain categories, such as total words, words of a certain length, top N words, etc. The bottom left table shows the top N words in a row you have answered for each starting letter up to 50…i.e. if there is a “4” under “R” you have the four most common words starting with “R”.

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  1. 0
    this replaces the 10K most common words quiz I had, added more features to this one. the stats for the 10k category remain from the old 10k quiz.
  2. 0
    Is there a way to end this quiz early?
    1. 2
      you can read the instructions right above the entry box…
      1. -1
        “alldone” doesn’t work for this quiz.
        1. 1
          it’s ‘…’ for this quiz.
  3. 1
    Personally, I think that for the “choose number” quizzes, the gap between 1k and 5k is too large. What about a 2.5k option?
  4. 0
    The Top 3/Top 5/Top 10 targets seem to multiply when you choose a larger starting number for the quiz, which make it impossible to hit. I played 5k and the Top 3 was 193, but shouldn’t it be 26 * 3 – 2 (for only one X word) = 76 ?
    1. 0
      i’ll fix this when i get around to updating this quiz to newest format.

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