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World 100K Cities Farthest From Their Country’s Capital


Name the 100K+ population city in each country that is farthest from that country’s capital (including cities in overseas territories). Countries without a 100K+ non-capital city are not included. Country, distance, and city population shown.

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8 months ago

5 minutes is absolutely insane for this, I was only able to around to even get to the 55th country on the list. That’s barely 2 seconds per city and even with premium that would only be 4.25 seconds/city. We should be able to take this quiz to show our knowledge, not be literally impossible because of the clock.

11 months ago

I think the one for Myanmar (Mergui) has since been renamed Myeik. atleast according to wikipedia and googlemaps. I love this quiz! fun way to learn new smaller cities.

1 year ago

This quiz was the perfect early Christmas present. Thank you 🙂

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