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World 100K+ Cities Proximity Blackout


The object of this quiz is to name close pairs of 100K+ cities for the two countries represented in each cell. For example, if the top column has ‘US’ and the cell shows ‘Brazil’ you are trying to name the pair of 100K+ population cities (one in US and one in Brazil) which are the closest. Enter guesses by typing the city names in either order followed by a ‘.’ to submit the answer. Columns and cells are randomly chosen each time. Larger countries will have a higher chance of being chosen however. Dependent territories are included as part of their country.

Example: to enter ‘Miami’ and ‘Brasilia’ for the US-Brazil combo, type ‘miamibrasilia.’ or ‘brasiliamiami.’ with the period at the end.

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to wait a moment for the score to appear in the cell.

The pair of cities with the shortest distance gets a score of 100 points and the scores will decrease down to 0 for the pair of cities farthest apart. Scores are based on how close you are in that range to the closest distance.

Your final score is the average of your total points over the 25 squares. Incomplete squares count as 0.

Enter guesses above to begin.
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11 months ago

What source do you use for this? Some cities that I named have over 100k and they werent included. Also, some cities like for examples las palmas didnt count and I dont know why.

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