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World 1M+ City Pairs Proximity Blackout


Upon clicking START you will be presented with a 5×5 table of World 1M+ population cities. The object of the quiz is to pair up cities two at a time which have the shortest distance between them.

Single click on a city’s text and it will highlight red. To choose the other city of the pair click another city’s text. Also, you can re-click on the first city to deselect it. The distance between them will be shown and you will get up to 100 points. 100 points corresponds to the closest pair of cities, 0 points to the farthest apart pair – scores decrease based on the distance of your two cities related to the possible range of distances. Those two cities will then be replaced with their score and you will now choose the closest pair of cities from the remaining 23 cities which have been adjusted to have 100 and 0 corresponding to the closest/farthest pairs among those 23, and so on until you run out of time or complete 12 pairs of cities leaving one left.

You get a 100 point bonus for completing all 12 pairs within 5 minutes, making for a total possible point total of 2500.

You will only get a maximum of 2 cities in the same country.

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