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World 50 1M+ Agglomerations Identifier


You will be shown a map with red markers for all 1M+ world agglomerations. Double-click on the one specified to answer it. If you click on the correct agglo, the marker will turn green. Otherwise no change will be made to the markers. 50 randomly chosen agglos will be given. A handful of agglos have the same name as another agglo in a different country – for these the country will be specified.

Note – you may want to zoom in if agglos are close to one another to make sure you are clicking on the correct one.

If the red markers do not appear when the quiz is loaded, try refreshing the page.

Double-click on the agglo's marker to answer.
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4 months ago

China & India are kicking my butt. Too many cities, too close together.

11 months ago

A version without China would be perfect lol

8 months ago
Reply to  ChesGoodall

A world without CHINA would be better

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