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World Bordering Countries Minimum Population Challenge – 50 Countries


The object of this game is to click on successive bordering countries to ‘travel’ through up to 50 countries with the objective of accumulating the smallest total population among all countries traveled through. Borders are land borders only, including causeways but not including only man-made structures. Borders include dependent territory borders, populations also include territories. Population in millions is shown. You must complete 50 countries for your score to save – so for example you can’t get ‘stuck’ somewhere like South Korea with no other countries available to click on unless it happens to be your 50th country clicked.

For example, you can begin by clicking Russia – your next country can be any country bordering Russia, such as Ukraine. After clicking Ukraine you can choose any country bordering Ukraine except a country you have already visited (in this case just Russia). You must continue along your path and can’t click a bordering country from a previously-clicked country unless it borders the country you just clicked.

The 25-country version of this quiz:
World Bordering Countries Minimum Population Challenge – 25 Countries

Click a country to begin.
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5 months ago

Are there other connections between countries other than denmark – canada, spain – morocco, spain – uk, uk – cyprus, france – netherlands and france – french guiana? I’ve tried this for a long time and I’m not realizing how you exactly get the highscore.

5 months ago
Reply to  zigjig22

Figured it out

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