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World Countries Whose Capital Is Not Largest City Elimination


Name the countries (not capitals) whose capital city is not the largest city of that country. For countries with multiple capitals the administrative is used. Naming a country whose capital is its largest city will end the quiz. Ratio of largest city’s population to capital’s shown. Sorted by largest to smallest ratio. One country is forgiven as typing another country which is an answer requires typing a wrong country. For other countries with this situation, either both are correct or both aren’t. Keep in mind city populations are city proper.

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4 days ago

Oman doesn’t make sense imo, it’s like the situation with Belgium where technically Brussels isn’t the largest municipality but we count the whole capital region, should be the same way with Muscat

10 days ago

I really like this quiz – would it be possible to list the answers alphabetically rather than population ratio? The population ratio doesn’t give much guidance, in my view.

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