World Countries

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  1. Democratic Republic of The Congo. That “The” seems a bit pedantic (meaning I tried half a doze variations and didn’t land on that one). Accept variations, like “Democratic Republic of Congo”?

  2. So hard when you’re missing 4 at the end and you have NO idea where they are in the world. And they turn out to be some of the tiny countries in Europe that you accidentally skipped over and never saw were missing.

    1. It would be cool if every country had a little place flag, like the ones for the island countries. Each place flag could be in the capital city. That way it wouldn’t be so easy to miss a place like Singapore or East Timor. (Not that the quiz needs to be much easier — obviously lots of people are getting perfect scores.)

  3. nice one again. idea for another quiz combined with this – country turns another colour when you name the capital? like your grid challenge quizzes when the boxes change colour as you name more cities in the gridbox

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