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World Expanding Circles Challenge – Your Location


First choose a level by typing ’50.’, ‘100’, ‘250’ or ‘500’ – (need the period after ’50’ so 500 can be typed) then name the largest World 50K+ city in the circle/ring of that distance range (in km) as the rings expand outward from your location. You need to have your browser’s location function working or the quiz will not load.

You MUST have a city within the initial distance you choose for your level – so this quiz will not work if you are not within a 50K+ city at the distance you chose to begin with.

When you run out of time or end the quiz, you will see the current ring’s correct answer at right (under ‘Answer Stats’ by your coordinates).

For example, if you choose ‘250’ – you will be shown a circle of radius 250 km centered at your location. Naming the largest city in this circle will cause another ‘ring’ of radius 250 km to appear outside that circle. You now need to name the largest World 50K+ city in that ring (but not within any previous circles/rings). If a city is not within the next ring of that distance, the ring will keep expanding by that distance until a city falls within it. So if a city doesn’t fall within 250-500 km (assuming your level is 250 km), it will expand to be a 250-750 km ring, then 250-1000 km and so on until a city is found within the ring.

Enter level - '50.', '100', '250' or '500' to begin...
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14 days ago

its not letting me use the quiz- the confetti comes in straight away. the black box on the right says ‘user denied the request for geolocation’. i dont remember denying anything and im not sure if its a location setting i must have on or something

8 months ago

Hi, I’m a bit confused. Maybe I have it wrong, but how does Sao Paulo have a higher population than Tokyo?

10 months ago

Absolutely love this quiz! I kinda wish you could have the option to keep going after your given time though, as I get to about 100 cities, having to type them in again over and over again, but really fun nontheless

10 months ago

karachi is not bigger than New Delhi

10 months ago

Awesome! Please darin, let us try different starting points apart from our real location. It hurts that I can not play this more than once.

10 months ago

Wondering what would have been the right answer.. Started in amsterdam (500), the last correct city was cairo

10 months ago

Love these quizzes. Only a single city from the Americas in my circles: Santiago.

10 months ago

Budapest is not larger than Bucharest, but it also depends on the source

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