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World Administrative Divisions


Name the world country first order (state, province) administrative divisions. You will have to be pretty exact naming these divisions, and this quiz will not be up to date for all countries – it depends on how often the source (Natural Earth) updates their data and boundaries. The countries counter on the right side is over 197 as a few categories such as Disputed are not part of any country.

Quiz will take a few moments to load all the boundaries – zooming in/out may be slightly slow.

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24 days ago

Hi cant seem to get all of Cuba divisions, I noted 16 but it doesnt indicate Cuba is complete

1 month ago

Hmmm it doesnt stop saying “please wait” for me

2 months ago

i have the islands of us virgin islands
puerto rico, guam, northern mariana islands, and all states
all of the us minor outlying island subdivisions (i think?)
and it still says usa isnt complete.

23 days ago
Reply to  ashranj

Did you get Washington, District of Columbia?

3 months ago

Here are some alternate names I would suggest accepting:

Chile: Magallanes
Yemen: Aden
Greece: Central Macedonia, Thessaly
Russia: Mari El, Chukotka, Sakha
UK: Guernsey
Algeria: Tamanrasset
Papua New Guinea: Bougainville
United Arab Emirates: Dubai, Fujairah
the bit of Kashmir that is occupied by China: Aksai Chin

There is also a weird area between the UAE and Oman that I don’t think is an actual subdivision, but prevents completing the UAE.

4 months ago

I can’t seem to get the U.S. Virgin Islands to work; I tried several different iterations and spellings. Thanks again for all your hard work! This is another new one I’m excited to try : )

4 months ago
Reply to  UtenaNicoletta

You need to name the 3 separate islands, also St. doesn’t work, you need to write Saint.

4 months ago
Reply to  ssinaj

I see, that makes sense. Thanks!

5 months ago

I can not for the life of me figure out what the answer is supposed to be for the main island of the Comoros. I’ve tried tons of spellings.

5 months ago

Slovenia needs to be stopped lol

5 months ago

Hey Darin, if possible, would you be able to have completed countries? I know this quiz was probably a headache to make

5 months ago

Why did you put departments for France and provinces for Spain and Italy, and the counties for the UK?

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