World Largest Cities

Enter # of cities (100, 250, 500, 1k, 2.5k, 5k, or 'all')

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    1. Sometimes you just have to reload a page a couple of times. I’ve always thought it has something to do with Chrome, but maybe it’s another issue? Which browser do you use? The “administrative devision” quizzes don’t work at all for me, by the way, not even the comments section.

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    1. so you got the top 1000 cities in a row and didn’t receive the badge? it is awarded automatically during the quiz…if you did get the top 1K in a row (either on more than 1k cities or got all of the cities on the 1k quiz) and didn’t get it let me know and i’ll award it manually after verifying.

    1. Yes confirmed… if you hit the back button right after clicking or moving the map it will act like the browser’s back button and screw your game. It’s kind of a trap. If possible the guess box should remain selected whenever you click or move the map.

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        1. Not yet. On Firefox yes, the cursor never leaves the box when using the map, so no problem. On Chrome the issue remains. On Firefox there’s this another problem where you can check 1 or 2 labels but then have to wait some 10 seconds to be able to check one more label and so on… Weird.

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    1. The only thing I notice is the bell missing… I don’t always use it (that’s why a mute button is useful) but it’s a worthy feature. The labels are a bit on the small size but it’s a matter of getting used to them again. Welcome back Google Maps, you were missed. 🙂

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