World Largest One Syllable Cities

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  1. Hi,
    #6 I’d argue is 2 syllables, as reflected in the alternative English spelling “Thana”.
    #2 I was going to say would also be 2 syllables, but apparently in US English it can be one, so I guess it gets a pass…

  2. Some of the answers seem to be quite debatable here.

    – If Nîmes counts as a one syllable city, Rennes and Nantes should probably be included too.
    – Elche could be Elx, but if you consider Elche as the standard, it rather has two syllables.
    – Ruse has two syllables.
    – Hamm (Germany) is missing. Probably Trier is missing too, but it might be just bubbling under.
    – I have no clue about the 186,916 city in Belgium. It might be Liège, but I would consider that as a 2 or 3 syllable city. However, Liège is not working.

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