Europe City Word Scramble

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Name the European City for each scrambled city name shown. You get 30 seconds per city and 10 minutes total for 50 cities. Five levels of ten cities each with increasing length. You receive points based on difficulty and how quickly you answer. After 15 seconds the population and country will be shown, and your points based on difficulty will be reduced due to the hint. All Euro cities of 100K+ population are in this quiz and are chosen and shuffled randomly each time. There may be spaces in the city names that won’t be shown in the scrambled name.

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    Darinh, methinks there is something wrong with the score here: When I just wait for the time to expire – don’t type any city, don’t type ‘next’ – I get a certain number of points for each city, e.g. 124, 100, 160…

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