World 50K City Coverage Quiz

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Happy Easter to all – I will be back by Monday, April 4th with new quizzes, updates, and monitoring of the site – thanks for your patience while I worked on other things.
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First choose a difficulty by typing ‘beg’, ‘int’, ‘adv, or ‘exp’ – Beginner is 1000km radius, Intermediate 500km, Advanced 250km, and Expert 100km. Then, enter 50K+ population cities and all 50K+ population cities within that radius will automatically fill in. When you have at least 160 countries, the countries remaining will be shown.

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Quiz Updated: 4-27-2015

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  1. 2
    Thanks for the updated data, but any chance of going back to the Google map? The Mapquest bug of having markers disappear when you cross the date line is really annoying on this one.
    1. 0
      unfortunately no, google will be removing their flash api which means not long from now they won’t work anymore, so gotta switch all the quizzes to mapquest.
  2. 0
    hi – at 8562 cities it said I had finished and all countries compete, but the high score table still has higher possible scores? possibly from older data when there were more available cities? on the screen it shows 8642/8642 cities and 173/173 countries
    1. 0
      yes when I updated this quiz I have new populations so more cities. if you get everything done now you will get the new higher score.
  3. 0
    Could you possibly make this quiz without a time limit. They used to have one on another website but it was taken down. I have been looking for one for a long, long time. This is the closest I could get. Thank you!
    1. 0
      If not that’s okay. maybe you know of one that I could not find. Love the quiz by the way!
      1. 1
        my coverage type quizzes will have time limits, sorry – don’t know of any other person online making these.
    1. 0
      the city proper population of Georgetown is actually quite small (under 50K).
    2. 0
      Georgetown falls below the 50k limit for this quiz. Apparently… :)
  4. 0
    I think you need to accept alternate spellings for the Sudanese cities. I’m at an utter loss as to how to get, for instance, Al Fashir, which I’m almost positive is an answer (or should be). I just spent 25 minutes trying every possible alternate spelling for it before giving up.

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